Energy Smart Building

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North Creek High School

Approach your building automated design by focusing on using efficient and effective use your available energy resources. Save money and create a healthier, more comfortable building environment with energy smart building techniques.

Early design and development consultation: Automated had early access to the design and development meetings for the project, with multiple meetings focused on topics such as controllability, commissioning process, Test and Balance criteria, owner training and operation after the completion of the project, tenant comfort, energy metering and efficiency and efficiency measures.

Geothermal Loop with Water-to Water Heat Pumps: a geothermal heat pump system was used in addition to gas boilers for optimal energy along with economic operation and efficiency of the central HVAC hydronic plant.

Air-to-Air Heat Exchangers: Nearly all Air Handling Units in the school contain air-to-air heat exchangers which constantly monitor indoor and outdoor air temperature and automatically adjust to maintain the optimal heating and cooling to the space focused on recapturing and transfer heat between incoming and outgoing air to reduce the need for re-conditioning.