TotalCare Program
We Control Your Building Environment

Partnering to Meet Your Needs


Our building automation TotalCare programs are designed to help our customers keep their systems operating reliably and tuned up for peak performance. Our goal is to constantly look for ways to improve the performance of your facility while keeping your cost low.

Tailored Packages Designed to Meet Your Needs

TotalCare GuaranteeAutomated Controls’ unique service plans, our TotalCare Programs, are a family of three maintenance options, each designed to meet differing levels of need. Automated Controls field staff will work with you to determine the specific services and options needed to meet your unique requirements then customize one of our base plans to meet your exact situation.

You can rely on Automated Controls to protect your business control assets with customized service programs to help you meet regulatory requirements and improve your building performance.

Premier Package “Guaranteed For Life”

This innovative program provides customers an option to completely outsource their building control systems, maintenance, and remote management of their building control systems for the life of the installed automated control equipment. The client will avoid unplanned repair cost and minimize downtime.

Automated Controls provides all of the technical expertise for your integrated building control systems. Services include: preventative maintenance, repair, software system updates, data protection and data recovery as well as remote management to insure your building is operating at peak performance to maximize energy efficiency.


  • Onsite response for non-emergency: 8 Hours
  • Onsite Response time for critical components: 4 Hours
  • Emergency Online Phone Response: 2 Hours
  • Hours of Service: 24×7

Performance Plus Package

This program is designed to coordinate with your current facility staffing. We provide expert technical support and training to insure you have access to all the technical expertise you need. Performance Plus helps ensure your automated controls, devices and software systems operate at peak levels to maintain occupant comfort.

Controlling and being able to plan your budget and operating costs in advance saves you both money and headaches. It is not easy to have all the necessary skills in-house to keep building control systems tuned up for optimized efficiency.


  • Onsite response for non-emergency: 24 Hour Response Time
  • Onsite response time for critical components: 8 Hours
  • Emergency Online Phone Response: 2 Hours
  • Hours of Service: 24×7

Performance Support Package

The performance support package offers a high caliber of services, relieving your staff of many of the maintenance responsibilities, preventative services and repair needed to reduce system downtime.

This is an economical choice for customers who want reliable backup support for their in-house maintenance staff so they can minimize downtime of building control systems and equipment.


  • Onsite response for non-emergency: Next Business Day
  • Onsite response time for critical components: Next Business Day
  • M-F regular Business Day Hours: 8-5
  • Hours of Emergency Service: 24×7
  • Repair and Labor charged per incidence-Overtime Billable
  • Repair Coaching


Award Winning Service

Automated Controls was nationally recognized as Johnson Controls Contractor of the Year.  With the world’s leading advanced control systems as our foundation, Automated Controls addresses the needs of facility managers and IT directors seeking to monitor and manage a variety of technologies over a single network.

We attribute our success to our unique approach and attitude:

  • A Project Team Approach built on Technical Expertise
  • Tight Integrations of All Devices
  • Single Point-of-Contact Customer Service
  • Ability to Find Creative Methods to Reduce Cost
  • Flexibility to Find Creative Solutions
  • Agility to Act Quickly
  • High Level of Customer Satisfaction
Environmental Stewardship

Our commitment to sustainability drives our environmental stewardship, good corporate citizenship in our workplaces and communities, and the products and services we provide to customers. Success comes in the form of leaving a lighter load on the environment through conservation of resources, while at the same time balancing energy-efficient, cost-effective, low maintenance products for your construction needs.

Service Area

Automated Controls is focused on ensuring all of your building systems – comfort controls, lighting, fire safety, security and equipment – operate together in harmony. Our solutions provide innovative and cost-effective options for building management needs for a wide variety of industries, including: healthcare, corporate offices, condos, retail centers, transportation, and school campus facilities. We pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service and products throughout Washington, Oregon and Idaho.