System Interoperability
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Designing Systems for Efficiency and Interoperability

System Design and Engineering

A best practice is emerging for managing the installation and integration of complex systems.  Known as technology contracting, it involves assigning a single point of responsibility upfront to bring an enterprise-wide perspective to managing the planning, design, installation, integration, commissioning and service of low-voltage systems, business applications and supporting infrastructure.

Without a coordinated, enterprise wide approach to large technology initiatives, system duplications are common.  Opportunities for integration and installation efficiencies are likely missed. Yet, with deliberate expert attention applied early during the planning phase, these pitfalls can be avoided and result in significant project savings.


Building Automation Systems (BAS) have made tremendous strides in recent years toward embracing connectivity and interoperability standards. These efforts have given building owners more freedom to choose among manufacturers for both products and service support. Even greater benefits await an organization whose BAS is seamlessly merged with its information technology architecture. The synergy created by sharing infrastructure and data reduces operating costs and creates new service opportunities.

Benefits of this approach
  • Saves time
  • Reduces risk and finger pointing
  • Cuts capital cost
  • Reduces construction cost
  • Cuts operating cost
  • Enables system interoperability

Systems today are capable of communicating with each other, talk to other enterprise applications and offer increased mobility to users by delivering information anywhere sand in a manner that is easily understood by other systems or people who need to analyze it.

Clearly the time is right to blend organizations building systems and Information Technology architecture into a seamless program, to share resources and realize the benefits of integration.

Award-Winning Service

Automated Controls was nationally recognized as Johnson Controls Contractor of the Year.  With the world’s leading advanced control systems as our foundation, Automated Controls addresses the needs of facility managers and IT directors seeking to monitor and manage a variety of technologies over a single network.

We attribute our success to our unique approach and attitude:

  • A Project Team Approach built on Technical Expertise
  • Tight Integrations of All Devices
  • Single Point-of-Contact Customer Service
  • Ability to Find Creative Methods to Reduce Cost
  • Flexibility to Find Creative Solutions
  • Agility to Act Quickly
  • High Level of Customer Satisfaction
Environmental Stewardship

Our commitment to sustainability drives our environmental stewardship, good corporate citizenship in our workplaces and communities, and the products and services we provide to customers. Success comes in the form a leaving a lighter load on the environment through conservation of resources, while at the same time balancing energy-efficient, cost-effective, low maintenance products for your construction needs.

Service Area

Automated Controls is focused on ensuring all of your building systems – comfort controls, lighting, fire safety, security and equipment – operate together in harmony. Our solutions provide innovative and cost-effective options for building management needs for a wide variety of industries, including: healthcare, corporate offices, condos, retail centers, transportation, and school campus facilities. We pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service and products throughout Washington, Oregon and Idaho.