Energy Smart Buildings
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Energy Smart Buildings

Designed to use your resources more efficiently, while creating healthier and more energy-efficient buildings.

Triple Bottom Line

Today’s building owners and managers have an increasing responsibility to address energy efficiency within their organizations.  At the same time, companies face growing pressure to set high standards of environmental and social performance.

These three responsibilities (financial, environmental and social) are often called the “Triple Bottom Line” of sustainability.

While many organizations struggle to define what “sustainable mandate” means to them, the journey often begins with a coordinated, energy efficient facility design and management strategy.

Merging systems support your merging priorities

Previously distinct systems within buildings are converging on standard platforms, applications and infrastructure. As illustrated, Automated Controls supports Building Control Systems (BAS) using a BAS stand-alone work station or a web-enabled Data Server approach.  Both of these configurations are capable of communicating with more control devices across the IT infrastructure and in a manner that is easily understood by people using the systems.

Benefits of Energy Smart Buildings
  • Reduces carbon footprint
  • Reduces energy cost
  • Alert staff in the event of potential equipment failure
  • Gather data to evaluate maintenance and operational effectiveness
  • Environmental and Energy Reporting
  • Security Management
  • Alarm Transmission
  • Remote Access Sustainability Manager

Automated Controls ensures all of your building systems – comfort controls, lighting, fire safety, security and equipment – operate together in harmony. You can take advantage of expanded connectivity and interoperability to open systems devices at all levels. You get a single seat user interface for monitoring and controls including HVAC, fire, security lighting, energy and more.

Energy Star Partner 2010

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has named Johnson Controls a 2010 ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year. As a technological partner to Johnson Controls, we get to pass on to you the products and services that are a part of their recognition for their contributions to reducing greenhouse gas emissions through energy efficient products and services.


Automated Controls

Specializing in engineering, selling, installing and maintaining advanced systems designed for improving building controls and automation technology, Automated Controls is proud of being an authorized distributor of the industry leader, Johnson Controls.